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"Just put Metzlers 888's on Harley Ultra Classic. What a difference from the Dunlops I've been running forever. This Hog actually flows in and out of turns. No lane change issues, no getting caught in tar snakes. Very smooth, comfortable ride . I lost the rear end gunning it out of oil or gas spill at toll booth but the tire brought me back to up-right with serious grip. Handling in two heavy rains was a confidence builder too. Been reading reviews on line but John@ Cycle Analysis was the deciding factor. Thanks guys .1100 mi done. Talk to you after 2200. I will buy more Metzlers from you." -George M. (Brook Park, Ohio June 2014)




Customer Reviews Cleveland OH

"After going to "dealerships" and not having a happy result, John and his crew do an outstanding job with get it done right the first time. As a woman rider, some dealership shop guys think we are stupid. John and his crew treats everyone with respect and appreciates our concerns for our bikes and safety."

 - Trish G. of Berea



Motorcycle check-up tune-up Cleveland OH

"Uhoh. John (the owner), remembered me. That's probably not a good thing since they have a constant stream of bikes and I hadn't been in for three years.

So yea, it also had been 3 years since I'd had an oil change/checkup.

Overall, John (after reprimanding me, very understandably), was helpful, understanding and very flexible when it came to what I needed done and he could do. We went through some options and I ended up opting out of many things. I much prefer a bike shop that is up front and honest with issues instead of one that takes my bike only to call me a few days later with "surprises".

It's nice to see that they moved into a bigger shop, have a nice clean show-room and also have attentive and helpful staff. I've pointed people in the direction of this shop before and I will continue to do so."

 - Cami T. of Cleveland




Have you had Service done at Cycle Analysis recently? Ohio Bike Shop Customer Recommended

Tell Us About It!


Customer Testimonials


Love the "Lava" light kit installed on my motorcycle! The picture does not do the glow justice! -Cheryl S. (Facebook Post, January 2014)


Great Motorcycle Repair Shop in Ohio  "John and his team re-built my '98 Honda Shadow ACE Tourer after it got demolished in a accident back in 2010 and she was BETTER than new. The new owner of that bike is STILL riding her 20,000 miles later (and is also a customer I will add) and I just picked up my next '98 Tourer today after having her carbs cleaned, jetted and synched. John has excellent mechanics, knowledgeable counter people and gets the job done at a FAIR PRICE. If you take a basket case bike to ANY mechanic and expect miracles for pennies on the dollar, then you are a fool. Every bike I will ever own will be taken to John and his crew for service that I can't or won't do on my own. I put my life in their hands every time I roll in there and have no qualms about rolling out of there. If...IF...there's any problems, they WILL take care of it. I bet my life on their quality of service. Every. Single. Time."

- Markspike Regularguy (Google+ Review June 2015)



"Nearly one year ago, I contacted Cycle Analysis with a challenging project. I have a 2001 Volusia that had a blown motor. I love the bike, and I wanted to replace the motor. John (the owner) came out to pick up the bike and began the process of putting together a quote. This is when the challenges began to rear their heads.

It turns out that Suzuki produced this particular bike with three different engines for this model year. Of the three, one engine was relatively rare. Of course, this is the engine that I needed. After a few discussions, John personally took up the challenge of looking for this engine.

Nearly six months passed, and we maintained regular telephone contact regarding the status of the search. John made phone calls daily to his contacts, trying to source a replacement engine. Even though I was ready to give up, John diligently continued the search. Finally, he found a wrecked bike in Georgia whose VIN number indicated that the engines were a match. John contacted the seller on my behalf, determined that it was, in fact, the correct engine, and negotiated a fair price. At this point, the first major hurdle was overcome.Motorcycle Repair Tesimonial Recommendation Cleveland Ohio

Shipping was another challenge. John let me know that although there were shipping companies that were willing to transport the engine to the Cleveland area, he felt that they were all providing quotes that were too high. Once again, he went to work on my behalf, finally sourcing a shipper whose quoted price was reasonable.

Once the engine arrived, Cycle Analysis made quick work of installing the engine. During this time, they also researched the history of the bike and determined that there was actually less than 5,000 miles on the bike before it was wrecked.

The end result is that, because of the hard work and diligence on the part of Cycle Analysis, I am back in the saddle of my beloved Volusia, and it is running better than I have ever experienced. This company not only did a wonderful job installing my engine, but they demonstrated an exceptionally high level of diligence and resourcefulness that is uncommon. John not only acted as my mechanic, but as my agent in negotiating fair prices and logistics as he completed this project that seemed to be impossible.

Bring them a challenge. They will meet it."

- John D. Crews





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 Great Motorcycle Repair Shop in Ohio

I have always had a great experience with John and his guys. They know what they are talking about and get you the right parts for any budget. I store my Harley Dyna Wide Glide with them and they have replaced the exhaust, rear tire and fully serviced the bike. They are reasonably priced and much more inexpensive than my local Harley dealer who acts like I need him when I call. Give these guys a shot. You'll be happy you did...

- James Petitt

(Google Review June 2015)


Great Motorcycle Repair Shop in Ohio

"Great shop and excellent service! Ordered a tire and they installed it the same day it was delivered. Friendly staff and best prices in Cleveland. Customer for life." - Google User (March 2013)

Ohio Mechanics repaird my bike
"I have been going there for a few years and have always had a great experience. They have repaired my bikes quickly and thoroughly. The staff is great and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone." - CarNewc

(June 2013)



Motorcycle ATV repair

In August, I needed to replace the worn rear tire on my Yamaha cruiser. I provided my own tire and they didn't look at me cross-eyed. I also asked them to look into a minor oil leak at the final drive gearbox. They were friendly, communicative, reasonably priced, and had my bike ready the same day. The oil leak required a new washer that probably cost just a few cents because they didn't ding me for that. They had a perfect chance to rip me off and could have made any claim about the cause of the oil leak, but were honest and will see me again. - Jim J. (Aug 14')


Motorcycle ATV repair

In Cleveland, Ohio, this is a stellar place for ATV and motorcycle repair. Thanks for reputable and reliable service!

-Zak (2/11/2014)

experienced motorcycle repair mechanics Cleveland OH
"As an ex employee having worked here for 2 seasons,
I must say this was the best business I have ever worked with! Close knit group of guys working here. All the guys who work here are genuine no bs kind of people and always working together! I'm going to miss you guys!"  -Ben L.

(September 2013)

Great Bike Service Ohio
"Both my bikes get great service here!" - Jackie G (Sept 2013)

Great Repair Bike shop Ohio
"Had a major exhaust failure on the shoreway
couple satydays ago. Didnt want to wait a month for the harley shop to fix it...brought it up to cycle analysis, parts came in thrsday mornin bike ready thrsday afternoon! Great job and great service. Definitely my new goto shop."

 - Tom S. (July 2013)









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